Monday, 2 June 2014

Love In The Time Of Emoticons.

Footsteps greet an empty Mumbai Street on a dark night. A young man struts towards the main road. His eyes are focused on the phone in his hand, barely conscious of the road ahead. His fingers are busy, sometimes working faster than time itself.

He: Hi
She: Hellooo
He: How's the family vacation?
She: Going good.But I miss you.
He:I miss you too.
She: :) Liar
He: Caught me :)
He: So... I was on Facebook. Saw your precious ex commenting on your new dp-"Beautiful Day"
She: Why are we talking about him?
He: Because you told me you were going to Phoenix to meet Neha. I just want the truth.
She: So you think I lied to you? Wow.
He: Everybody Lies. Especially the people we think can't.
She: Fuck You.
He: Don't curse. It looks evasive. Please just answer the question.
She: No! You jerk of a man. I was with Neha and he ran into us. I let him off with a casual Hi. He is just trying to show that he still matters in my life to create a discord. Thank you for making him win.
He:......Sorry. I just thought you would have mentioned it.
She: Didn't think it was important enough. Frankly, didn't even remember it. Are you satisfied Your Honor?
She: Fuck Off.
He: I was very very wrong. I just don't want history to be repeated.
She: For that you will gladly ruin the present.I am so tired today. On one hand my grandmother gives me this long sermon on how we got love wrong. She is like everyday you have your love in hand, on your fingertips. That is not love. You laugh with him in your hand. You fight with him in your hand. You cry with him in your hand. I didn't realize I loved your grandfather even after your father was born. It was in those 3 months that he was not home that I realized I loved him. I went from an insecure frightened woman who needed him to a strong, independent woman who cherished him. Where is the space? Where is the pain and learning? How do you cherish something which never leaves? How do you value something when you have everything? We trivialize things which are in abundance, sooner or later.
She: Most harrowing hour of my life.And then my Boyfriend the Great adds to it. Do you even care about me? I think not. Simply a badge value to show off.
He: You know that is not true.
She: Whatever.I am done. Switching my net off. Leave Me Alone.
She leaves the chat but he still continues typing.
He was still busy staring at the phone screen when the first blow hit his head. A masked man quickly retrieved his bag and wallet. His accomplice gave a damaging blow with another iron rod. This was followed by another blow to the head. They fled leaving the ground red with their actions.
With the last iota of strength, the man picks up his phone and presses a name, thinking “For the Last time”.

Miles away, her phone is ringing. She looks at the name and stares for few seconds. She cuts the call with viciousness and throws her phone away in the corner. There was not enough breathe left in him to try calling again and as it turns out, even live. A few minutes later, the ambulance came to collect a lifeless body.

A few hours had gone by before she saw her phone again. A message was waiting for her on chat:
"You will have to circle the whole world twice, go back to all the ages of time gone by and be born seven more times, before you can find someone who even remotely cares about you as much as I do."
 There was just no one to reply to anymore....


  1. This left me with goosebumps!
    I hate sad endings But I love the way you've written it! :)

  2. awesome :D
    from #puja I actually read something so intensely for the first time ....

  3. awesome. read something like this after a long time...