Thursday, 24 April 2014

They Didn't Care

 The globe moved, the trees grew,
Happiness swept and pain flew,
Anger ruled and fear drew,
But those two, if only they knew,
They didn't care.

The serpents came to bite them off,
But they stood there and smiled on,
Soon the serpents joined them too,
You cannot trust someone so slithery,
But not like they cared.

People howled and laughed,
Poked them all around,
Made mock of their foolishness,
And that silliness called love.
They walked away.
They just didn't care.

There were tons ready to meet,
Even more wanting to greet,
But these two were lost in each other,
It was infuriating for those who saw
A curse for those without love,
Soon stones were thrown at them,
But those drunken fools didn't care.

They were ecstatic when happy,
Destructive when angry,
Dead when sad and even worse when bored,
But she was his everything,
And for her,he was even more.

"It is too much. Stop it." the ancestors claimed,
"I am deaf to your ills against her"
"She is no alien. She is me. That part I yearned to be ."
"I am better and worse. I am vibrant and suicidal. I am glory and shame."
"But I am what I was meant to be.And it is all because of She."

"He is hurting you. Can't you see?" the soul sister screamed.
"I see everything-the anger, the flaws, the poison and jealousy.
I see that which the world misses- the pain, the beauty, the nobility and the honesty.
He is not perfect, not even close.But he is what he needs to be- the everything of me."

These "daft" creatures stayed,
In this naive little world of theirs,
To wrinkle and stay together.
The world rebuked and laughed,
Do you think they will ever adhere?

As the dawn of life approaches, She begs him to let go.
"I was born to perish with you." He defies
"Leave me now and be something for the world"
"My world is right here breathing"
Soon came the cloak of Death,
As his beloved lied there still.

A lifetime spent fighting away
The riches, the logic, the hate
The success which the world craves,
The acceptance others rave.
They defied it all away.
But if that was not blasphemous enough,
What is next will push you away.

He holds his beloved close to the heart,
Weeps in her breathless skin,
A tight embrace of a weak old man,
In this embrace he sighs his last,
Some say it was the dagger he used,
The wise know that it was the pain in his heart.

As they lie there lifeless,
The world finally sees the hidden,
How two souls which came to this cursed heaven,
Leave now as one.
The world couldn't seduce them,
The earthly pleasures were meaningless,
For they died in love eternal.
"Aren't you apalled at this travesty?
What could they make with their lives and instead chose love.
Fools they were, not worthy of this world."
The world questioned and moved on even faster,
The martyrs of love were busy in heaven,
Because they still didn't care.


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