Wednesday, 26 February 2014

You Should Dine Out, Mr Lennon.

Who influences history? Who changes it more than the other? Historians will argue and categorise the weight and influence a person or event has in history. With regards to that, what I am about to write might barely change the significant annals of history. But to any person who loves music and art, this is perhaps the most significant change we need.
As John Lennon on 8th December, 1980, I would decide to never return home. After my recording sessions with Yoko, I would retire to a restaurant for dinner. From there, I would call my apartment to ask the guards to clear any fans as I come back in the wee hours of early morning and in case of any suspicious behaviour, call the police. I thereby escape a senseless murder by Mark David Chapman.
Perhaps, being a Beatles Fan, I should wish that The Beatles never breakup in 1970 and that there is no reason for John Lennon to be in New York on that night. Whatever the differences, I still created The Beatles. They are my baby. Perhaps we need some time off to explore our own creative pursuits. Many bands have done that while still being united, why can't we? Maybe we make an album a year and go to concert once while still releasing solo albums. I am a rebel and a dreamer. It’s time to rebel against the notion that all good things come to an end. I rebel against that. If I do it long enough, maybe I can change Paul's quote-"What a f**king great band we were" to "What a f**king great band we always are".

Every Time Travel devotee will tell you that it is impossible to change the past or future without creating ripples. Our choices shape the world. In that case, either of my choices will permanently alter something. Perhaps I will not come into this world in 1992. Or the world will look quite different today. In either case, a world with John Lennon in it or The Beatles still united is still worth more than my existence. They/he changed our world in more ways than I can describe. So yes, a world with John Lennon in it is the world I want to live in or see from above.
                                In case you doubt me, checkout his most famous Solo:


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