Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I Do Not Love Thee..

That sight which profess love at first,
The eyes and smile which haunt any man's dream,
The grace we all worship,
And yet, that be not my cup of tea.
I do not love thee...

Fate played with us again and again,
There you are on the street floating,
Thou greet me with kindness and laughter,
And fool me for a second.
I fly to a land where your innocence could exist,
I am glad you made me feel this way,
But I do not love thee..

I feel at unease at being myself 
I yearn for your presence and beg to court thee,
Thou agree to put me out of my misery.
I sit there as a loyal audience to thy stories.
They flood my eternal cynic of a heart,
And yet, I pray and try,
But I do not love thee...

In the first month of our courtship,
I did that, which I feared the most,
I cross you and hurt you,
For a reason I did not expect,
You decree me to being a pig,
That your passion lies for a man who treat you as an equal,
For you possess the tenacity to match every man.

Well my dear, I have studied thee for a time now,
And I must proclaim your falsehood,
For you do not match us men,
But outlast us through and through,
Thy endurance and strength be not matched by any,
Thou be the most formidable creature I had the pleasure to meet,
I am weak and fragile in comparison
And though I admire you,
I do not love thee....

So here we are on the edge of green,
Staring at the flood of blue below.
You beg for a swim in crystal blue sea,
I protest and insist that I am a ruin of physicality,
She kisses me on the cheek to declare,
"You are perfect to me."

The little confused man in me knows not what to do,
Should I break apart now or sweep her through?
With every ounce of life in me,
And courage that I could lend from God's great Will,
I looked you in the eye and sang,
"I do not love thee. For love I regard a selfish beast.
I cherish thee with all my might and more,
I pray with all my faith that I help you grow,
Be what you wish and desire to be,
That I should never be a hindrance to your needs,
I resign my ego and jealousy in hope that you reward me with honesty and loyalty.
With this declaration I patiently wait on thee,
For I beg you to not love me ,in hopes,
That one day you will Cherish me too....”


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